Compass to Care Childhood Cancer Foundation Partners with Spirit Air

Chicago, Illinois – October xx, 2016 – Compass to Care, The Mike & Sandy Ernsdorff Childhood Cancer Foundation and Spirit Air announced today a partnership to serve children with cancer who must fly to receive treatment.

According to the National Institute of Health, cancer is still relatively rare for children. On average, 1 to 2 children develop the disease each year for every 10,000 children in the United States.  Therefore, children need to be treated in medical centers that specialize in pediatric oncology, necessitating travel of greater than 60 miles from home for many families. This partnership between Compass to Care and Spirit Air will enable Compass to Care to assist more families who are traveling longer distances between their homes and the medical center.

Since its inception, Compass to Care has raised $1.5 million to support children on their cancer journeys. Donated funds have been by used by Compass to Care to pay for travel expenses necessary to get children to cancer treatment, including airfare, bus fare, car rentals, gasoline, lodging, parking fees, taxi fees, train fare, and tolls.  The organization has built a strong referral network with the social workers at xx medical centers across the country, who consistently turn to Compass to Care to help kids travel to treatment.


“The Compass to Care Board of Directors is extremely cognizant of the fact that there are amazing organizations that currently help families with their needs when traveling. We welcome partnership opportunities that allow us to work collaboratively with these organizations to help kids access cancer treatment,” commented Michelle Ernsdorff, Compass to Care’s founder and CEO.  “When our kids must fly to treatment, the expense can be high.  Working with Spirit Air will eliminate the normal expenditure incurred by paying for commercial air travel. It also gives our kids a safe, reliable, and comfortable trip to a distant medical center for a treatment that could save their lives,” she continued.

“Spirit Air is extremely pleased to partner with Compass to Care in bringing air transportation solutions to childhood cancer patients and their families. With Compass to Care’s extensive relationships with pediatric cancer treatment centers and patients, the opportunity to help increases dramatically. It’s a great fit, with each organization’s strengths complementing the other’s and ultimately easing the burden on the young patients and their families.” Mitchell Januszewski , Spirit Air founder and President.

“We are so excited to have formed such a valuable relationship with Spirit Air. At the end of the day, we are both working to provide relief from travel expenses when families need it most. It is our mission and it is Spirit Air’s mission.  We are proud to be able to use each other’s strengths to help more kids as they travel in search of a cure,” added Ernsdorff.

Both Compass to Care and Spirit Air rely on donations to support families in need.   For more information on how to support Compass to Care visit For more information on how to support Spirit Air, visit xxx.

About Compass to Care, The Mike & Sandy Ernsdorff Childhood Cancer Foundation

Compass to Care, The Mike & Sandy Ernsdorff Childhood Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that ensures children, whose parents have a financial need, can access life-saving cancer treatment. We carry out this mission by paying for airfare, bus fare, car rental, gasoline, lodging, parking, taxi fare, tolls, and train fare when children must travel from their homes to the hospital for cancer treatment.

Spirit Air

About Spirit Air….

When children and young adults are facing complex, life-threatening medical conditions, time is always a factor. Good outcomes not only on a timely diagnosis, but on how quickly treatments can begin. These complex conditions often require the care of specialists at medical centers across the country, and for families who don’t live near these centers, transportation can be a significant barrier. Spirit Air was created to fill this vital need when circumstances preclude commercial travel options. We provide no-cost flights for patients and families/care teams to and from medical treatment facilities across North America.

Spirit Air is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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