To honor and to celebrate the great work Mitch and friends have done for others, I wanted to share a story about a special person. I was introduced to Mitch in a business setting where if you ever had dealings with him you would describe him as direct and tough, but fair.

It was April of 2013 when I got devastating news that Kim, my wife of 24 years had cancer and that we would begin battling to try to save her life. Mitch called me one early morning offering to help in any way he could as well as many mornings after. I quickly learned that this was one of Mitch’s greatest characteristics, he has a heart of gold.
My wife and I sent our two young kids to Texas where they stayed while she and I spent the summer battling this horrible disease. We quickly found out that there was nothing we could do and that she had less than a year to live. It was the end of the summer and time to get the kids in Texas. Kim decided to go with me to get them. Her health had declined and traveling was going to be an extreme battle. I called Mitch and asked if he could help. Without hesitation, he said “say when.” Kim dressed up to meet her kids and my family in Texas. We arrived at the airport where Mitch’s loving spirit welcomed Kim and made her feel like the most special and beautiful person on earth. Upon arrival in Texas, we were welcomed by my family with open arms. Kim was able to spend many days saying goodbye to family in a peaceful and loving surrounding.

Without the love and generosity of Mitch, Kim would have not been able to say goodbye to her family or show her kids how to die with amazing dignity, grace and beauty. Mitch and I have remained great friends and I have shared many personal experiences with our kids.

Thank you Mitch, we will always love you.
Melvin, Austin and Emmie Thoede

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