img_6770Spirit Air is amazing! Mitch’s genuine care and compassion, his attentiveness to the situation and his willingness to drop everything to assist in providing air transportation when needed is a blessing words cannot adequately describe. As parents, we were anxious and worried not only about the major surgery our teenager was having, but also about the long, difficult trip to follow during the middle of winter. Getting our son, Matt, home after spinal fusion surgery at Mayo Clinic the day before Christmas would have been a painful five-hour drive. That’s where Mitch stepped in and we will be forever grateful.

From the time he learned our son was having surgery at Mayo, he was there to support us, promising us that he would get Matt home as quickly and comfortably as possible. Even though we didn’t know the exact date Matt would come home, Mitch was ready for our call. His calm and reassuring presence was so appreciated at this very difficult time. He took care of every detail, making it practically effortless for us to get our son home and start his recovery off on the right track. We can’t thank Mitch and Spirit Air enough. They were exactly what our family needed during this time of great uncertainty!

Tammy Cherek
Matt’s mom

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