What we do

Navigating air travel today with crowded airports, long security lines, unexpected delays and ever-shrinking seat space can be daunting for healthy adults. But for children and young adults needing advanced medical treatments, these annoyances can become insurmountable obstacles.

Spirit Air gets patients and families to and from their destinations with caring support that caters to the unique requirements of these brave individuals.

Much more than simply a chartered flight, we have extensive experience transporting pediatric and young adult patients, and we understand how challenging travel can be.



Our Process

Whether chemotherapy or post-transplant immunosuppression has left a young patient vulnerable to infection, or the physical demands of a complex surgery require special seating arrangements, we can help with:

  • Managing mobility limitations
  • Ease of boarding in close proximity to ground transportation
  • Minimizing exposure to the public
  • Traveling with medical equipment/supplemental oxygen

Our goal is to make every step in the process as easy as possible for the patient and family/care team. We work closely with the physicians and clinicians at both ends of the journey to ensure optimal care can be provided throughout the trip, and we’ll coordinate with providers of ground transportation so there’s no worry about getting to and from the airport.

When travel limitations are keeping young patients from lifesaving treatment, Spirit Air is ready whenever and wherever there is a need.